Types of Magic

Magic is divided into different types: stage magic, close-up magic, mentalism, hypnosis… and it is impossible to master all of them!

In order to offer the highest quality possible in his shows, Benjamin has specialized in two types of magic: Close-up Magic and Children’s Shows.

Close-up Magic

This is a kind of magic that happens a few centimeters away from the spectators. They are directly involved in the show.

Regardless of the type of show you choose, a close-up magic performance offers the possibility for the spectators to get involved and experience the magic right in front of their eyes. The perfect way to create memories!

The advantage? The magician moves around to entertain every guest. Moreover, every close-up show is unique, adaptable (duration, available space) and customisable to fit your needs!

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Children's shows

Children’s shows are one ofthe most complex types of magic. The reason being that the magician has to know every detail of his show, while being able to manage a group of young children. Over the years, Benjamin has performed more than 500 children’s shows, making them one of his specialty.

In the art of children’s shows, the magic is poetic, visual and adapted to young children. They get the opportunity to take part in the show, and to be magicians themselves!

In his children’s show, Benjamin comes with all the required props (curtain, tables, microphone, sound system…) and offers a 1-hour show that blends magic and poetry.

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